Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Hauz Khas Village - old wine in a new bottle

Hauz Khas Village – a village which has become one of the hot-spots of South Delhi. A village which retains its ethnic village charm, co-existing with pubs, loud music, drugs and hyper active hormones. I have recently started liking my visits to HKV ( as it’s known ). I have a few favourite places to hang out on a nice, sunny winter afternoon to relax and catch up. I have visited HKV with friends and with my children and each time the experience has been different.  Everyone who comes to Delhi, or is from Delhi will visit HKV, and here are a few tips I have learnt along my visits there

  • Soak in the character - it’s a quaint experience to walk down the alleyways and narrow lanes. I, for one, am fascinated by haveli’s, well’s, and narrow paths leading somewhere unknown. Take time to soak in the character of the place, read the tombstones and find your own paths.

  • Reach early to enjoy the  village –Reaching early also helps you get parking easily, which as anyone who has been to HKV, can vouch for is a nightmare on weekends from late lunch time onward. Avoid the weekend nights – while we all have our moments of madness, where we want to be the wild party animals, Hauz Khas Village loses its charm for me in the night. An absolute nightmare to park, crowded lanes, waiting to be seated and a nightmare to exit, I would avoid it in the nights. Of course, it would be make for pleasant early summer evenings, though the traffic would be enough to put me off.

  • Take the kids – my kids enjoyed walking though the village, and exploring the ruins. However, avoid taking the kids on Valentine’s day or the day before Valentine’s day. The village is known for couples high on hormones and drugs and it was a little tough to explain certain things to the kids.

  • Food and drinks aplenty – all the known joints have a branch at the village. Food and alcohol is reasonable to suit all pockets. My personal favourites – Social Chhat ( terrace) for winter afternoon’s – overlooking the reservoir, complete with cots, it’s the perfect place for the winter afternoon with friends or family. Yes, it’s a kid friendly place too. Nirula’s ice cream parlour is right next to it – perfect for that hot chocolate fudge. And of course, Starbucks – make it a take away, walk down to the ruins and enjoy your cuppa in peace … not bad, I say !!!!!!

So go ahead, go down and enjoy a bit of the Old Delhi charm in the heart of South Delhi.

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